Yo, no time for small-talk today, lets get into it. Berlin is such an often-used city for attempts at describing various strains of raw, industrial techno that it tends to end up not meaning much. The first record I’m gonna highlight though, shows us the exact opposite of that phenomenon. This record by Confucio really cannot be described without evoking its city of origin. Just released by Tresor Records (yes, related to the legendary German club), the A side is nothing if not pure Berlin, with a hammering four-to-the-floor beat punctuated by a few ambient-y yet distinctly unsettling breaks, this is some of the most straightforwardly devastating and pure Techno I’ve heard all month. The B-side consists of two tracks; a strangely haunting strain of uneasy relaxation takes over in “The Present is the Future”. Reminiscent of a lull in a horror movie when one is unsure whether the recent bout of gore is truly over, this track would probably feel completely different in another context, but in this EP it stands out as the true masterpiece in how it adds a break and relaxation to an otherwise furious record, without ever really leaving the dark realm the previous track had brought us to. The final track is the least exciting to listen to, though I wouldn’t recommend skipping it altogether. The tempo is picked up a bit from before but it remains in an in-between stage that’s sadly obscured by the previous two undeniably brilliant tracks. Check out Tresor 276 below:

Up next I have some serious devil-worshipping, death-invoking music that I can’t really begin to describe in terms of genres or real-life situations. I can barely bring myself to describe it as what my nightmares would sound like if they took place in a dystopian warzone scored by a soul-less zombie version of Phuture. Listen and tell me if you can come up with a more accurate scenario, I’m actually curious. The EP is ‘Sacred Warriors of Gaia-1989’, and its being published by a relatively new label by the name of Sacred Summits.

Now, as a parting gift for anyone that listened to all of this and got heart palpitations from it all, here’s a super-chill relaxing Robot Heart 2014 set I re-discovered last night by the legendary DJ Three.


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