Welcome to a very special edition of Techno Tuesdays, brought to you as always by Thanatus International. In honor of one our label’s finest producers (one who’s also signed to Todd Terry’s InHouse Records), we’ve prepared a nice batch of gifts for you. First off, I’m pleased to announce that for this week, Lewis Beck’s EP 003, which is our first official release, will be available for free download. Secondly, if you haven’t heard, I’d like to let you know that if you’re in Guatemala City there will be a massive International Debut show featuring Lewis Beck, KTR’s K-lix, and residents from Thanatus and Luxury Grooves (Including some EMF artists like Bebo and Tito). EP 003 is a two song EP with a classic industrial techno track, straight-forward and rattling, and a cheeky upbeat, more lighthearted second track that contrasts perfectly with its pairing’s darkness. Together, Short Arse and Proxy are two tracks that help demonstrate the immense range of Lewis Beck’s production skills. Here is EP 003, get it for free while it lasts!

On top of that, Beck graced KTR with his latest mix for the unmissable podcast series KTR has been curating. Enjoy, and picture all that is to come:

As usual, a bonus for my people; legends Green Velvet and Carl Craig have teamed up to deliver this monster album: Unity. Listen to it in full here:


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