What’s up KTR homies? I’m back for a 3rd Installment of Techno Tuesdays, brought to you as I finally come out of our weekend’s hangover after an excellent few parties, including Kill the Rave’s Alexis Cabrera show and Thanatus’ second KTR contribution with our unveiling of Obscuro Live Act. Let’s get on with our tracks though.

Today’s music is a special treat released by Belgium’s Lektroluv Records. Lektroluv took it upon them to find the perfect remixers for a very important, yet mostly unheralded, band in our line of work. This band is The Neon Judgment, the Belgian pioneers of EBM (not to be confused with EDM), Electronic Bodic Music, which combined Electro and Industrial music and was one of Techno’s most influential precursors. The Neon Judgment formed in 1981 and are still active to this day, think of them as Kraftwerk’s dark cousin, equally as important yet somewhat underappreciated nowadays. One of their seminal tracks, TV Treated, from 1986 now gets two very fitting re-works from two of the most important sides of electronic music’s spheres of influence, Detroit, and Berlin.

Jimmy Edgar, representing Detroit, has gone through a remarkable rise in the past years and his increasingly unique and instantly recognizable style goes along fantastically with The Neon Judgment’s 80’s EBM. DJ Hell, a pioneer of enormous proportions himself, gives us the second remix. His trademark electroclash/ebm/techno fusion gives the original track newfound weight with an understated but powerful bassline and industrial jabbing synths to go along with a fine looping of its harrowing vocals. Listen and appreciate, this is truly some historical remix prowess. Hopefully these sounds will lead you down the path of one or all of these artists’ histories and lead to new musical discoveries.

Best use of a 303 combined with dancehall vocals of the Week (1/1):

Toddla T’s Toddla T Sound project has graced us with this chill tropical acid house track, and if that sounds like it doesn’t make sense, watch the video and be even more confused, its still sick, so here you go.


New Death Grips!!!!

Death Grips – On GP



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