Long Island Electrical Systems, usually shortened as L.I.E.S, is one of very few electronic labels that have had unfathomable levels of importance and longevity, combined with an unparallelled ability to evolve with the times. Started in Brooklyn before Brooklyn was what we know it as today,not only do they evolve with the times, they do so while maintaining a consistent ethos and releasing quality content year after year for decades. You might have heard some of their records, with releases by the likes of Legowelt, Marcos Cabral and Xosar; if you haven’t do yourself a favor and check it out now. Luckily, we have some new material from them today, to delight those who already follow L.I.E.S and as a pleasant intro to those who haven’t been exposed to their genius. Tzusing is a seriously dark Malaysian producer currently residing in China; who knows how they hooked up with L.I.E.S but I’m very grateful they did. This is his second EP: A Name out of Place pt. II. 4 tracks of seriously weird and noisy techno in a league of its own, they will surely keep you going for the rest of the week until the partying begins once again.

Watch Alexis Cabrera’s brilliant live set for Boiler Room Buenos Aires, (you might notice Argentine Boiler Rooms actually have people dancing). Also, if you’re in Guatemala on Friday, catch him Live alongside KTR founder Mr. Warpaint and K-lix, Danzon Records founder Gonzo-Gonzo and (shameless plug) my own collaboration with Thanatus’ Brand Ambassador and hardware master, which goes by the name of Obscuro.


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