Thanatus presents Techno Tuesdays:

What’s good KTR fam? Its my pleasure to present to you my new weekly techno-oriented post, presented by Thanatus International, the dark dance music label I co-founded almost a year ago. From the outset our mission has been to darken the electronic music scene a bit more in any way we can, and KTR’s invitation to host a weekly techno article is surely gonna be a great platform for us to share that mission with you. Every Tuesday, I’ll be rounding up the newest and darkest tracks that represent the brand of music we believe in, free downloads of tracks and EP’s from our artists as well as those who we admire and/or collaborate, and exclusive mixes specifically created for the KTR crew.

As I imagine you’re here for music and not words, lets get on with some real dirty techno from the budding Berlin-based Resin label. This is scheduled to be the the 6th release by Resin, featuring a relatively new side-project that goes by the name of Perth Drug Legend. PDL is Liam Robertson, one of the members of that amazing Scottish Techno outfit, Clouds.

Scotland isn’t one of the first places you think of when picturing innovative techno acts, but Clouds has definitely put them on the map, and if this preview of Robertson’s upcoming release is anything to go by, Perth Drug Legend will be further elevating Scotland’s standing in the techno world. Here’s your first taste of ‘Clubbers Guide to Craigie’:

Also, we can’t forget this man, Matador. He’s been so ubiquitous the last couple of years it seems as if he’s been around as long as his Minus label-head, but this relatively new master hasn’t been in the scene for decades; his tracks are just that hot, instantly making anyone that hears them want to play them in a set as soon as possible. Here is his new EP:

I hope you enjoy the darkness. You should, I promise. I’ll be back next week with some more of this. Good luck on your weekly battle to make it to Friday night, and stay dark.

Alan Es
Thanatus International Co-Founder/Head of A&R


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